Even our history demonstrates our ability to achieve what others deem impossible.

In 1988, one hundred years after the incorporation of the pioneering Jackson Electric Light Works by W.A. and J.B. Foote, a dedicated group of electrical transmission and distribution engineers learned that their office, a remnant of the Footes’ efforts, would be closing. It had recently been acquired by another entity. The acquirer simply didn't think Jackson, Michigan, was economically viable any longer. The group believed otherwise and immediately took action to structure a new company to maintain a name well-respected in the electrical power industry as providing world-class engineering and consulting services.

Many exceptionally talented individuals who had previously worked with the founders of the company were brought in to lend their expertise in the T&D field. In 1992, Commonwealth opened a regional office in the state of Washington to serve clients in the northwestern United States. In addition to smaller satellite offices, an office was opened in Kennesaw, Georgia, in 2008 to serve our clients in the Southeast more effectively.

Today, Commonwealth continues to grow - in number of staff and prestige in the T&D industry. We continually assess our staff and tools to ensure we are properly equipped to meet our clients' project needs, and we are proud to offer one of the most skilled, experienced technical resources available to design your power delivery projects.