• 1885

    Brothers W.A. & J.B. Foote experiment with an arc light generator at a mill in Adrian, Michigan.
  • 1886

    The nucleus of what would become the future firm’s engineering arm, or “Commonwealth Associates,” was established.
  • 1888

    The Jackson Electric Light Works is incorporated with $75,000 in start-up capital.
  • 1897

    Trowbridge Dam is constructed along with a 1.5 MW generator and a 22 kV transmission line to deliver power to nearby Kalamazoo.
  • 1906

    Rogers Dam is built 7 miles from Big Rapids.
  • 1908

    Croton Dam is constructed with a new, unbelievably high voltage (110 kV) transmission line, prompting engineers to travel from Russia, France, England, Japan, and Italy to see the new line and meet its designers.
  • 1910

    The Commonwealth Power Railway and Light Company is formed.
  • 1911

    Cooke Dam is built on the Au Sable River.
  • 1930

    The billion dollar holding company, Commonwealth and Southern, is established after a series of public utility consolidations.
  • 1949

    Commonwealth Services, Inc. of New York and its subsidiary, Commonwealth Associates, Inc. of Jackson, are created.
  • 1950

    Between 1950 and 1970, Commonwealth penetrates international markets and established several overseas offices.
  • 1970

    Commonwealth Associates is purchased by Computer Sciences Corporation.
  • 1973

    Commonwealth Associates becomes Gilbert/Commonwealth via acquisition by Gilbert Associates, Inc., of Reading, Pennsylvania.
  • 1988

    Gilbert/Commonwealth closes its Jackson office and employees rebirth Commonwealth Associates, Inc. in the same location.
  • 1991

    Commonwealth opens a Pacific Northwest regional office in Mount Vernon, Washington.
  • 1998

    Commonwealth relocates to new corporate headquarters at 2700 West Argyle Street, Jackson, Michigan.
  • 2006

    Commonwealth constructs a two-level building expansion on the north side of its Jackson, Michigan, office to accommodate growth.
  • 2008

    Commonwealth opens a Southern office in Atlanta, Georgia, and employees grow to 200.
  • 2011

    Commonwealth expands its Midwestern presence with the opening of its Columbus, Ohio, office.
  • 2012

    Commonwealth once again offers expanded power generation services.
  • 2013

    2013 Commonwealth opens an office in Spokane, Washington, to serve the Rocky Mountain region and Canada.
  • 2016

    Relocated the Pacific Northwest regional office to Everett, Washington, to better serve clients and attract and retain talent.