To unleash the power of the nation's top talent™


Commonwealth Associates, Inc. is committed to employee-ownership, personal empowerment, and strong client relationships. These commitments are woven through our Guiding Principles. Click on any of the principles below to learn more about how these concepts are expressed by our professionals.


Be honest. Earn trust. Deal fairly. Be accountable.

Integrity is central to the Commonwealth professional's core being and professional success. It is reflected in both words and actions. Integrity requires truthfulness for the successful development of productive, trust-based relationships, and for earning a reputation for delivering excellence in one's work. Corporate integrity means cost is representative of total value and reasonable profit. If honesty is the anchor for integrity, then the level of an organization's accountability is the barometer. Accountability is expressed at Commonwealth as Ownership. As an employee-owned firm, integrity is exercised by each professional taking initiative, embracing empowerment, being responsible for both efforts and results, and for protecting the company's resources as if they were one's own.


Deliver technical excellence, safety, and superior client service.

Quality is essential to Commonwealth's success because it is essential to our client's success. Technical excellence is delivered by doing what was agreed to, on time and within budget. It also means utilizing available tools and applying best practices to achieve the operational excellence internally and meeting our clients' expectations externally. Technical quality contributes to safety. Commonwealth is committed to delivering quality combined with superior client service. Achieving this requires regular effective communication through the exercise of active listening skills, timely conveying of identified issues, accessibility and responsiveness. It also requires the application of goodwill to work productively toward fair and speedy resolution of matters that may arise throughout the course of a partnership.


Shape the industry. Advance the profession. Give back to the community.

Commonwealth's roots began with the pioneering work of the Foote brothers and our commitment to being at the forefront of the industry has never wavered. That commitment is demonstrated by our professionals' active involvement and leadership in the organizations shaping the electric power industry. Leadership is a commitment we make because our clients deserve the most up-to-date solutions and a consultant well-versed in the issues affecting their work. We advance our respective professions through mentoring and leadership in professional associations. We exercise leadership in the communities in which we live and work, giving back through financial support and donations of time and talent to support worthy causes that lead to more positive outcomes for those around us.


Respect others. Meet stakeholder needs. Develop mutually beneficial and lasting relationships.

Our clients have trusted us with the opportunity to provide valuable services on their projects and have honored us with high volumes of repeat work. As a result, our clients grow into partners and become, quite often, friends. We enjoy fruitful relationships with our impressive alliance partners and enjoy low employee turnover. These positive relationships exist because we believe in treating everyone we meet with respect and are deeply committed to meeting the needs of our stakeholders, whether they are clients, vendors, alliance partners, professionals, or shareholders. Our focus stretches beyond today – to creating mutually beneficial partnerships that last far into the future.


Honor the past; choose actions to build a sustainable future.

The path that brought us to this moment in the life of our firm is paved with the actions of those who came before us. Accordingly, we honor our founding shareholders and employees for their contribution, commitment, and vision for what Commonwealth could become as an employee-owned, independent firm. We move forward committed to remaining an independent company, building a sustainable future for ourselves and for future generations of Commonwealth professionals. That commitment requires taking the long view and considering the impact tomorrow of a choice made today.


Create innovative solutions. Take appropriate risk. Promote professional growth and learning.

Commonwealth is committed to constantly evaluating our place in the market, the mix of services we offer, the training methods we utilize, and the processes and procedures we apply to our daily work, to remain agile and competitive in the industry and as an employer of choice. While minimizing risk to the extent possible, we also recognize that there are times when taking some risk is the least risky course of action given the reward for our varied stakeholders. We believe in lifelong learning to bring relevant skills to our clients' projects and to create innovative solutions to the many complex challenges facing the industry.

Name: John P. White, P.E.

Position: Vice President - Western Operations

"When I think about our Vision of unleashing the nation's top talent, I think about it on three levels. Corporately, we believe we have top talent and we are going to continue to recruit top talent to serve our customers. On the level of our professionals, we're proud of them as individuals, as a team, and as smaller teams within the breadth of our company. Nationally, by our leadership in the industry and with our clients we are helping them to unleash their staff and ultimately to build a better electrically system and a better life for everyone in the country. Our course to the North Star, our Vision, is charted by our Guiding Principles."