We are always pleased to be able to answer your questions about employment with Commonwealth.

Q: Does Commonwealth allow flextime?
A: Yes, employees do have the option of flexing time.
Q: What is Commonwealth’s dress code?
A: Employees enjoy a business casual dress code at Commonwealth.
Q: Does Commonwealth provide educational assistance?
A: Yes, up to 75% of tuition for continuing education that is job-related.
Q: When do insurance benefits start?
A: Insurance benefits start the first day of the month after the date of hire.
Q: What is Commonwealth’s salary/performance review policy?
A: Reviews are conducted six months from hire, again in another six months, and annually thereafter.
Q: What type of housing is available in the area?
A: Commonwealth has offices in various locations and information about housing in those areas can be found online at www.realtor.com, or by visiting the websites of area Chambers of Commerce or local real estate companies.
Q: What activities are available in the area?
A: Information about activity and event highlights around Commonwealth’s offices are located for your convenience on our location pages. Additionally, the websites of area Chambers of Commerce can provide great information about tourist sites and other fun events and activities.
Q: Where can I learn more about the schools in the area?
A: Information on local schools can be found by visiting http://www.greatschools.org/ or http://nces.ed.gov/ccd/schoolsearch/.
Q: What types of benefits does Commonwealth offer?
A: Commonwealth employees enjoy benefits including Health, Dental, Life, Long- and Short-term Disability, Optical, a 401k that vests immediately, a Computer Incentive Program, Bonus Plan, and a Stock Purchase Plan.
Q: I’ve heard you have a special program to connect employees with one another and with their communities. What is that?
A: The Connect Committee is a volunteer employee group that organizes activities and events around 3 central themes: Culture, Compassion, and Community. Examples of events can be found on our Community Page

Name: Ian Hutt, P.E.

Title: Electrical Engineer

Q: What is your advice to engineers considering employment at Commonwealth?

A: I recently spoke at a Career Fair at my alma mater where I shared that not only is it an exciting time to be in the engineering field as they invest in their infrastructure and technology, but particularly at Commonwealth, as is at the front lines of everything going on in the industry because of our involvement in organizations setting today’s standards.