Checking "the Lost and Found box" shouldn't describe your search for old data and drawings.

Do you have old paper documents and drawings at risk of becoming too fragile to use or subject to damage or loss? Are you overwhelmed by the need to organize files and maintain storage of old project records, or pained by the need to archive paper and electronic files and other important documents associated with project close-out? Retrieving data can be next to impossible and efforts to coordinate searches can be difficult and costly. We eliminate your data resource problems by creating customized processes to capture, maintain, and record your critical records. You can rest easy knowing that we don’t just provide the manpower, we manage the entire project. Furthermore, we have a secure workspace, so only our authorized project team has access to your files and information.

We offer:

  • Research and Recovery
    • Supply the manpower to search through your old hard-copy and electronic files to find necessary or “missing” data to add to your system
    • Organize file structures and create document management plans
  • Technical Support
    • Provide data entry for relay settings, equipment ratings, specifications, etc., into your system using our staff at your office or working at our office via a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection.
    • Bring software experience to your project – we have worked in CAPE, Aspen, and several client-specific, vendor-customized databases.
  • Imaging
    • Scan full-size, hard-copy engineering drawings to electronic files
    • Scan microfiche aperture cards and microfilm jackets to electronic files
    • Scan hard-copy vendor documents, maintenance logs, reports, and project files to electronic files and organize them into simple directories, or into your records management system
    • Prepare hard-copy files for destruction or off-site storage
  • CADD/Conversion
    • Create new engineering drawings in MicroStation, AutoCAD, or PLS-CADD formats
    • Revise engineering drawings from field-marked prints
    • Update borders, logos, and standards on drawings acquired from other sources
    • Create new CADD files from .cit files or .tif images of scanned drawings
    • Automate CADD processes to assure accuracy and consistency within projects

Project: Transmission Line Document Research and Recovery

Location: California

The Challenge: Search internal databases and hard copy files to verify and document that structure and circuit data is available and complete.

The Result: The success rate for documents located exceeded the client's expectations. Many clients are undergoing similar projects as electronic documents are reined in to enterprise-wide document management systems and/or reviewed in response to NERC requirements. We applaud the utility industry for taking care to review the accuracy of records.

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