Success doesn't just happen, it requires good planning. That's where we come in.

Whether you need to determine the optimum site for a new plant, relieve a constrained path, or connect between systems or to a new one, you can find the information you need to make great decisions here. We provide a broad spectrum of electrical systems analyses to utilities, independent power producers, governmental agencies, industrial firms, and contractors offering turnkey services. Need evaluation of electrical systems up to 765 kV? We do it all. We also have experience in analyzing and applying direct current transmission to +/- 450 kV. You’ll benefit from our powerful tools – our proprietary software Power Flow program, capable of solving the largest power flow models available – currently, more than 50,000 buses.

We offer:

  • Transmission Planning Studies
    • Transmission system planning studies
    • Distribution planning studies
    • Generation interconnection (plant location) studies
    • Power supply planning studies
    • Transmission and substation feasibility studies
    • Transmission system or substation reliability analyses
    • Economic analyses
    • Power flow analysis
    • Electromagnetic transient analysis
    • Impedance calculations for overhead and underground transmission and transformers
    • NERC compliance ratings calculations
    • NERC compliance system studies and planning documents
    • NERC compliance protection device coordination studies
  • Protective Device Studies
    • Protective device application, coordination, and settings
    • Arc flash studies
    • Short circuit and breaker application studies
  • Design and Licensing Support
    • Electromagnetic field (EMF) mitigation studies
    • EMF measurements
    • Radio and television interference calculations and measurements
    • Audible noise calculations and measurements
    • Ground resistivity calculations and analysis
    • Power system harmonic measurements and analysis
    • Support for ISO generator interconnection studies and interconnection agreements

Project: Conceptual Design of Advanced Wind Farms for the US Dept. of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory

The Challenge: Preparing alternative designs for facilities to support a 50 MW wind farm theoretically located in a high-wind area of South Dakota.

The Result: The study concluded that the foundations were the significant component of the balance-of-station costs and present designs, when scaled, did not exhibit declining cost per unit generated. More cost-effective designs are a key subject for future research.

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