When you need the data to tell the story behind the story, call Commonwealth.

You have important planning and decision-making to do and need both information you can rely on and a simple way to share that information with others. Let our university-trained professional cartographers provide you with the services you need for your projects-both large and small. We can implement data conversion, spatial data processing, GIS database creation, analysis, and modeling for your utility mapping project. We blend the technologies of digital mapping from a variety of sources to visualize and effectively display, in one manageable system, information on planning, siting and routing, field work and reconnaissance, permitting and licensing, engineering, and land acquisition for any geographic location. Enjoy the benefits of faster and easier access to geographic data with information in a powerful database behind it, more informed decision-making, free time to spend on other things, and real cost savings.

We offer:

  • GIS Mapping Capabilities
    • Structure and substation site locations
    • Transmission line routes
    • Electrical systems and pipeline networks
    • Wetland delineations
    • Threatened and endangered species or critical habitat locations
    • Cultural resources
    • Environmental constraints and impacts
    • Landownership
    • Easement acquisition status
    • Suitability mapping for feasibility and route studies
  • Additional GIS Capabilities
    • Conversion of AutoCAD or MicroStation files to GIS shapefiles, or vice versa
    • Importing and exporting GPS data points
    • Geo-referencing historic information, such as paper maps and drawings
    • Coordinate system changes
    • Showing northing/easting or latitude/longitude coordinates geographically
    • Creation, manipulation, and integration of any type of existing database
  • Specialized Graphics
    • Enhanced photographs, sketches, and drawings
    • 2-D and 3-D visual simulations of structures
    • Editing/removal of existing lines and structures and insertion of alternative structures

Name: Vectren System Map

Challenge: Geo-referencing from historic paper maps, engineering drawings, and CAD drawings of more recent improvements.

Result: As Vectren added improvements to their system, Commonwealth incorporated the new information into the system, as well as proposed facilities.

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