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Name: Samuel R. Barnes, P.E

Position: Vice President, Power Generation & Energy Group

Q: What was the toughest challenge you overcame on a project?

A: I was called on by a client to manage finding a solution to the failure of a boiler feedwater pump. The plant needed the extra capacity that the pump provided and the other redundant pumps had the same design flaw and were close to failure themselves. The challenge was to find the information on the existing pumps and associated valves so that an interim pump replacement could be made so repairs could begin. It would have normally been a straightforward project but in this case the original calculations that sized the pumps and system were unavailable and the data needed was held by a company based in Germany. The challenge was made palpable by the fact that this was an operating plant that could not afford to be shut down – it had to stay online and time was running out on the other pumps. The complicating factor of getting information, from six time zones away, from an overseas company, in a timely manner added excitement to the challenge. The problem was overcome by combining good communication with the application of fundamental engineering principles of equipment and sizing design to arrive at an engineered solution. The pumps were replaced and the plant stayed online!

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