When you think "expert" - think Commonwealth.

Whether you just need an addition or a substation built from the ground up, Commonwealth's experienced team can make your vision a reality. We have completed literally hundreds of substation projects in the United States and abroad, ranging from small 2.4 kV distribution substations to large 500 kV bulk transmission facilities. Some were completed using a turnkey approach, and have incorporated innovative designs to overcome aesthetic or geological concerns. Recent projects have reflected modern trends to utilize transmission assets more efficiently with the installation of phase shifting transformers and flexible AC transmission systems (FACTS). We also have experience in all aspects of insulated high-voltage cable systems ranging from 5 kV through 345 kV. You can be sure that whatever your particular needs are…we’ve got them covered.

We offer:

  • Project Control/Management
    • Project management
    • Planning and scheduling
    • Budget monitoring and performance evaluation
    • Estimates and cash flow
    • Information processing
    • Document control
    • Vendor drawing status
    • Quality control
  • Substation Design
    • Site layout for grading and draining
    • Testing boring analysis and foundation design
    • Major equipment and bus layout design
    • Design of steel support structures
    • Design of grounding systems
    • Design of underground cable trench, duct, and conduit systems
    • SCADA system design, including development of configuration files
    • Relay and control systems design, including panel layout and wiring diagrams
    • Development of relay settings
    • Commissioning services
    • Metering systems design
    • UPS and battery systems
    • Control buildings and HVAC design
    • Oil spill containment design
    • SPCC development and review
    • Preparation of major equipment specifications
    • Preparation of bills of material and purchase requisitions
    • Application of owner standards and computer designs
    • Application of prefabricated buildings
    • Application of packaged control houses
  • High-Voltage Insulated Cable Systems Design
    • Cable system selection (HPFF, LPFF, HPGF, LPGF, XLPE, EPR)
    • Specifications for and coordination of surveying, geotechnical services, and thermal resistivity testing
    • Engineering calculations, including:
      • Economic analysis and application
      • Conductor ampacity
      • Induced shield currents and voltages
      • Cable pulling tension
      • Electrical and magnetic fields
    • Procurement specifications and bid evaluation
    • Plan and profile
    • Manhole layout and design
    • Design of termination facilities and structures
    • Specifications for installation and testing
  • Procurement
    • Bills of material and computerized procurement
    • Factory inspection and witness of equipment testing
    • Purchasing and expediting
    • Preparation of construction specifications and EPC requests for quotations
    • Bid solicitation and evaluation
  • Construction Assistance
    • Project construction management
    • Resident engineering and inspection
    • Functional testing and commissioning
    • Cutover plans and construction sequence
    • Survey coordination
    • Record drawing preparation
  • Operation
    • Preparation of operating procedures
    • Training of operating personnel
    • Preparation of maintenance procedures

Project: PGE – NEG Covert Plant

Location: Michigan

The Challenge: Design and commissioning at the 1200 MW Covert Generating Station’s 345 kV Switchyard.

The Result: Not only was the project an engineering success, but Commonwealth was able to provide PG&E National Energy Group with a savings of over $2 million by having separate contracts developed for each piece of major equipment with Commonwealth managing procurement.

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