Put the most powerful tools for electric transmission analysis right at your fingertips.

Are you involved in the analysis and planning of electric utility transmission systems? Then, it’s time to discover Commonwealth’s proprietary highly interactive, powerful desktop software products – and the unmatched, personalized training and superior user support behind them. We know you have choices; that’s why we work harder to provide you with more value and better service.

We are proud to announce the newest family of products – Transmission Grid Analytics™ – with the currently available modules: Mapping and Cascade Analysis. Both of these are powered by our foundation product, TRANSMISSION 2000 ®, used by utilities, municipalities, and world-class educational institutions. Call (517) 788-3676 for details or to set up a personal demonstration today.

We offer modules for:

Transmission Grid Analytics™

  • Transmission Grid Analytics™ - Mapping
    • Regional Transmission Wall Maps
    • Electronic Regional Transmission Maps
    • Transmission Mapping with Substation Navigator
    • Transmission Access Information Library with Transmission Mapping
    • Transmission Vicinity and System Maps
    • Full Transmission Grid Analytics Mapping Packages
    • Custom Solutions
  • Transmission Grid Analytics™ - Cascade Analysis
    • Verifiable and complete list of “breaker-to-breaker” contingencies
    • Identification of ALL contingencies that cause violations and a direct or indirect assessment of all double (Category B and C) contingency combinations
    • Analytical methodology to supplement your engineer’s experience and judgment
    • Objective, repeatable, and reasonable classification of contingencies that cause A/R violations into those that will not cause outages beyond a predetermined area and those that cannot be eliminated as potential causes for widespread outages
    • Priority list of trouble facilities that identifies and suggests root causes for contingencies that may initiate widespread outages
    • Independent evaluation of your system suitable for use as compliance documentation that management can include in their "due diligence" reporting
    • Custom Solutions

Transmission Access Information Library© (TAIL)


    • Power Flow (PFLOW)
      • Constrained Economic Dispatch (CED)
      • Contingency Processor (CP)
      • Power Flow Reduction and Data Conversion (PFR)
    • Power Network Data Manager (PNDM)
    • One-Line Diagram (OL)
    • Transient Stability (TS)
    • Short Circuit (SC)
    • Short Circuit Reduction (SCR)
    • PowerPlot™
    • Protection Analysis (PA)
    • Line Constants (LC)
    • Training

Product: Transmission Access Information Library© (TAIL)

What it does: TAIL© helps you analyze and plan more effectively by providing you with a CD-ROM compact library of "must-have" information for effective planning.

Details: The library's base information includes all available regional power flow models of the U.S. transmission system (approximately 40 models covering every state, except Alaska and Hawaii). The data made available by the utilities and reliability councils is provided in Siemens/PTI, PSLF, GE, and other formats. The library provides the data in original form. All power flow models have been converted to a common basis and re-solved to assure the accuracy and integrity of the data. A viewer is provided to enable you to efficiently view, search, sort, print, and paste data into spreadsheets and word processing programs.