Program Management

Program Management

Program Management

Whether your experienced program management talent is retiring, you are shrinking the number of staff for your company, your allocation of your program management resources are being allocated elsewhere in your company, or you are finding that your company is not performing as expected in program management, Commonwealth can assist you with your program management needs. Commonwealth has strong experience in program management. Our program management professionals are committed to making sure that programs run smoothly. The program managers are important team members to keep track of all program components, program deadlines, resource staffing, and the projects that are within the program’s success.

We can manage and assist with programs from creation of scope to the closeout of the project, and everywhere in between. Commonwealth will help with program design, bid evaluation and selection, project management, contractor management, commissioning, and testing and acceptance. We evaluate and strategize an approach to completing programs in the allotted time frame, within budget, and successfully.

This service was applied to the following solution(s):

Relocation of NIPSCo Electric Transmission Lines for Airport Expansion

Gary/Chicago International Airport Authority (“the Airport”) was required by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to obtain additional airspace in their runway approach corridor for runway expansion. This necessitated relocation of…

Dearborn Industrial Generation Expansion Development

Commonwealth, as Owner’s Engineer, assisted CMS Enterprises with development of a project that would add 230 MW of combustion turbine capacity at their existing facility. The facility in Dearborn, MI…

Various Combustion Turbine Installations

Commonwealth, as Owner’s Engineer, is assisting Castleman with the development of numerous combustion turbine installations in Texas. The facilities utilize refurbished General Electric LM6000 combustion turbines in simple cycle mode.…

We are committed, both as a firm, and as individuals to influencing and shaping the secure energy future.

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Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer

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