Advanced Design Innovation

Advanced Design Innovation

Advanced Design Innovation

Is your company facing a unique challenge involving providing and producing energy for your building or your customers’? Commonwealth professionals can help you reach an optimal solution. We are very experienced in creating advanced designs that are new, innovative, and cost competitive for our client. Commonwealth emphasizes how important being innovative is in the power industry and how new designs and ideas lead to outstanding solutions. We are a forward-thinking company that is always willing to take on a new challenge.

This service was applied to the following solution(s):

345/115/23 kV Substation Rebuild

Commonwealth provided engineering design, material bid packages, and construction bid packages for rebuilding a bulk power substation. The substation consisted of a new 345 kV switchyard for a tapped line,…

Smart Grid Initiative Project

Commonwealth was selected to plan and manage engineering, procurement, and construction services for 128 Smart Grid substation projects over a 3-year period. Serving as MEAG Power's project manager, our responsibilities…

Switching Station Design

Commonwealth was selected to be the Contract Engineer and provide design services for a new switching station for a Northeast utility. Commonwealth provided an entire design for a 115 kV…

We are committed, both as a firm, and as individuals to influencing and shaping the secure energy future.

Gary Bernstein, P.E.
Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer

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