Specialized Studies

Specialized Studies

Specialized Studies

In addition to general transmission system planning and reliability or generator interconnection studies and licensing support, our expert consultants and analysts can provide you with a broad spectrum of very specific analyses to meet your unique needs. You’ve likely seen our team – or at least their work – at conferences, in published standards, and informing groundbreaking academic research.

Are you in need of expert assistance to conduct transient or harmonic studies, or perhaps a study of transmission electrical effects (EMF)?  Do you need to accurately determine the potential for railroad, pipeline, or communication interference to determine where and how to move forward with your project?

Perhaps you have need of custom programming and system model building that your team is simply too thinly stretched to execute in a timely fashion or you need outside advice on NERC compliance. Commonwealth’s industry leading experts are a phone call away. Find out how we can assist you today.

This service was applied to the following solution(s):

University of Michigan Central Power Plant Life Safety Study

University of Michigan needed a life safety study performed on their Central Power Plant to ensure proper safety measures are met. Commonwealth was responsible for comprehensive field observations, analysis and…

Repower Golden 2020

Commonwealth is providing Owner’s Engineering services to assist MillerCoors in determining the most cost effective means of providing their future steam and electric needs. MillerCoors currently receives steam and electricity…

Dearborn Industrial Generation Expansion Development

Commonwealth, as Owner’s Engineer, assisted CMS Enterprises with development of a project that would add 230 MW of combustion turbine capacity at their existing facility. The facility in Dearborn, MI…

We are committed, both as a firm, and as individuals to influencing and shaping the secure energy future.

Gary Bernstein, P.E.
Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer

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