Transmission Line & Planning Studies

Transmission Line & Planning Studies

Transmission Line & Planning Studies

Planning and analysis make transmission and distribution of power possible. Quality of performance and success of your project make our services essential. We do the legwork of analyzing the electrical systems at the heart of utilities, independent power producers, governmental agencies, industrial firms, and contractors. Whatever your needs, we address it with turnkey services.

Our experience includes analyzing and applying direct current transmission to +/- 450 kV; evaluating electrical systems up to 765 kV; NERC compliance ratings, system studies and planning documents, and compliance protection device coordination studies. We provide generation interconnection and plant location studies, power supply planning studies, transmission and substation feasibility studies, transmission system and substation reliability analyses, economic analyses, electromagnetic transient analyses, and impedance calculations for overhead and underground transmission and transformers. As for protective device studies, we can perform arc flash studies and short circuit and breaker application studies. We can provide protective device application, coordination, and settings.

Design and licensing support services we provide are electromagnetic field (EMF) mitigation studies, radio and televisions interference calculations and measurements, audible noise calculations and measurements, ground resistivity calculations and analysis, and power system harmonic measurements and analysis. Our proprietary software Power Flow program enables us to solve the challenge of the largest power flow models. Let’s talk to see how we can partner to meet your needs.

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This service was applied to the following solution(s):

Morgan Substation 69 kV Project Permitting and GIS Mapping

Commonwealth conducted a wetland delineation survey and prepared road right-of-way use permit applications for construction of a 4.5-mile 69 kV transmission line in Porter County, Indiana. Extensive GIS maps were…

Warren Avenue Crossing Transmission & Distribution Line Analysis & Design

Seattle City Light (SCL) has a transmission and distribution line crossing of the Lake Washington Ship Canal at Warren Avenue. The crossing includes two lattice steel towers that were designed…

We are committed, both as a firm, and as individuals to influencing and shaping the secure energy future.

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Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer

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