Alpine Power Plant Modifications

Alpine Power Plant Modifications

Wolverine Power Supply Cooperative

Commonwealth supported EPC Contractor Moran Iron Works (MIW) as the engineer of record for two new Frame Seven Exhaust and Silencers for Wolverine Power Alpine Power Simple Cycle Plant in Elmira Township, Michigan.  The Commonwealth/MIW EPC contract requirements were to design, furnish and construct two self-supporting exhaust stacks, transition sections, and accessories to be connected to two General Electric (GE) Model 7FA.05 packaged combustion turbine generator sets. The stacks are 85 feet high with stainless steel flow liner, insulation, silencer, EPA test ports, and continuous emissions monitoring (CEMS) ports, platforms, ladders, and accessories. Commonwealth performed structural engineering services, mechanical engineering, back-pressure calculations, flow modeling, and acoustic engineering services to accommodate the engineering and design in support of the project.  The stack design incorporates provisions to enable future conversion to a combined cycle power plant.

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