Baldwin to Hersey-White Cloud 138 kV Transmission Line Design

Baldwin to Hersey-White Cloud 138 kV Transmission Line Design

Wolverine Power Supply Cooperative

Wolverine Power Supply Cooperative, Inc. (WPSC) hired Commonwealth Associates, Inc. for the rebuild of approximately 18.4 miles of the Baldwin to Hersey-White Cloud Junction 69 kV transmission line in Lake and Osceola counties, Michigan. The line was designed as a future double-circuit 138 kV utilizing wood pole structures on federal, state and private property (approximately 8.8 miles) and steel poles on the rest of the line (approximately 9.6 miles). The single-circuit line was initially energized at 69 kV until the load required conversion to the higher voltage. Engineering services included structure spotting and design, soil borings, structure staking for construction, materials lists, and engineering design for the construction bid package. In addition, Commonwealth provided environmental permitting assistance and crossing permits.

All work was performed in accordance with WPSC Standards and Standard Specifications. Commonwealth also prepared and completed the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Form 7460-1 “Notice of Proposed Construction or Alterations” for structures within the notification zone of the Baldwin Municipal Airport and the Nartron Field in Reed City, as well as the Michigan Department of Transportation Bureau of Aeronautics and the airports.

Commonwealth also prepared and submitted detailed drawings to WPSC for use in obtaining crossing permits for all roads, railroads, and interstate highways as required by the Lake and Osceola County road commissions and the Michigan Department of Transportation.

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