Battery Energy Storage System for ITC's Novi, MI Headquarters

Battery Energy Storage System for ITC's Novi, MI Headquarters

Mitsubishi Electric Power Products (MEPPI)

ITC was interested in installing their first Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) at a smaller scale at their Novi, Michigan headquarters to understand some of the battery applications. In doing so, ITC selected two different technologies so that they may gain a better understanding of both. Commonwealth was contracted by Mitsubishi Electric Power Products (MEPPI) to perform the detailed engineering, design, and studies needed to install the BESS. A third party will use Commonwealth’s design to install the BESS.

The BESS is comprised of a pre-engineered building by Trachte, outdoor pad-mount transformers, underground electrical routing to ITC’s main headquarters building, and interconnection to ITC’s existing electrical infrastructure. The Trachte building, batteries, transformers, and auxiliary supporting electrical gear were purchased by MEPPI with recommendations from Commonwealth. Outside, two pad-mount isolation transformers and one auxiliary transformer resides local to the Trachte building. Inside, the Trachte building is divided into two spaces. One space houses the Flow battery and its supporting electrical equipment and the other space houses the Lithium Ion battery and its supporting electrical equipment.

Commonwealth provided documentation including drawings and specifications to install and connect the battery container (DC and AC circuits) to ITC’s existing switchboard. Design and supporting drawings depicting the layout, AC and DC routing, and connection details were provided to support construction. In addition, for this project, numerous meters were needed so that ITC could breakdown what aux loads were the result of each battery technology. The battery energy storage system components include batteries by Powin and UET, power conversion system by EPCPower and transformers by Eaton.

Commonwealth also supported the project with numerous studies. Protection and coordination, Arc Flash, and grounding were needed to design a safe and reliable system. Commonwealth teaming with MEPPI successfully designed and installed the battery energy storage system for ITC’s Data Center.

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Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer

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