Casing Record Search

Casing Record Search

Consumers Energy

In order to update its Geographic Information System (GIS) system, Consumers Energy needed to search records to identify gas distribution pipeline casing filler locations. To that end, 350 boxes of archived records needed to be searched for work orders that would show whether filler was used in each casing section and provide necessary geographic coordinates.

Consumers Energy provided office space, copy equipment, and computer hardware and software for the project as well as program-specific training on its GIS system for four Commonwealth personnel placed at Consumers. This staff searched the archived files, copied work orders, recorded findings in Consumers Energy’s spreadsheet, and input data into the GIS system. Commonwealth provided project management, scheduling, and coordination, as the professionals were not always assigned to the same location.

This project was successfully completed earlier than the schedule allowed for as well as under budget.

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Our engineering aides left no stone unturned in their search for the missing data. They considered it a personal challenge to find and record every piece.

Diane C. Wilkie
Director of Safety, Education, and Quality

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