Charlevoix Submarine Cable Study

Charlevoix Submarine Cable Study

Consumers Energy

Consumers Energy requested that calculations are performed on their Charlevoix submarine cable circuit to perhaps improve the values presently used and better the submarine cable circuit. Consumers Energy has an existing 46 kV submarine cable circuit in the vicinity of Lake Charlevoix. This circuit was installed in 2012 and has been functioning well. The underwater portion of this circuit is approximately 4,600 feet long and is direct buried 4 to 6 feet below the channel, harbor and lake bottom. In order to model the electrical system and perform short circuit current and other calculations the impedance of the cable is required. The System Relaying activity at Consumers Energy has requested that Commonwealth perform calculations to verify and perhaps improve the values presently used. The Underground Systems engineering activity headed by N. Robert Uddin, PE will provide the request calculations using CYMCAP software.

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