Circuit Rating Documentation Update

Circuit Rating Documentation Update

Northern Indiana Public Service Co.

The North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) requires that the ratings of electric facilities be documented to ensure that all series elements are taken into consideration. In response to NERC’s rules, Northern Indiana Public Service Company (NIPSCo) decided to update information by building new spreadsheets to better document their facilities. Commonwealth’s Data Management team used data and drawings provided by NIPSCo to create circuit ratings summary spreadsheets documenting types and ratings for busses, conductors, disconnect switches, transformers, and breakers for approximately 150 circuits.

Plan and section drawings, single-line diagrams, and old-format circuit spreadsheets were provided to Commonwealth as reference files via FTP site, weekly progress reports were presented to NIPSCo via conference call, and occasional visits were made by the Commonwealth project team to NIPSCo’s office in Merrillville, Indiana, for face-to-face meetings and hard-copy drawing exchanges. A final report, including a list of the standardizations created, was delivered via email and all new, final spreadsheets were delivered via FTP.

The first week of any project of this nature is always the most challenging, as our team gets to know the quirks and idiosyncrasies of the data and drawings from each client. Since we were creating new circuit ratings spreadsheets for this project rather than updating information in existing spreadsheets, we took advantage of the opportunity to streamline some processes, reorganize the presentation of the data, and normalize to only using industry-standard abbreviations whenever possible. The new data sheets present the necessary information in a concise and consistent format that can be easily updated electronically as necessary.

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