Communication Structural Analysis of Free-Standing Monopole

Communication Structural Analysis of Free-Standing Monopole


AT&T needed an analysis performed to assess the feasibility of equipment modifications on a free-standing monopole. The proposed modifications included replacing six platform-mounted antennas (Kathrein AP14-1900) with six platform-mounted antennas (Powerwave RA21.7772.00). The existing equipment to remain includes fifteen coax cables (Commscope VXL5-50) and one RET cable (Powerwave 7075) mounted inside the monopole.

Commonwealth evaluated and analyzed the pole strength in accordance with the Telecommunications Industry Association standard, “Structural Standard for Antenna Supporting Structures and Antennas” (TIA-222-G). The structural analysis was performed using PLS-POLE. High wind (90 mph) and wind with ice (40 mph, 1” ice) was analyzed for the pole. The analysis results indicated that replacing six platform-mounted antennas and associated hardware does not overstress the pole. Commonwealth’s analysis indicated that the foundation for the pole is adequate due to no overstress of the pole. The proposed modifications were safe to implement for the AT&T monopole.

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