DTE Energy Services Staff Augmentation Support

DTE Energy Services Staff Augmentation Support

DTE Energy Services

DTE Energy Services (DTEES) chose one of Commonwealth’s Power Generation experts to assist in and support their development of a combined heat and power (CHP) facility that will be constructed in Indiana. The facility consists of a nominal 50 MW combustion turbine with heat recovery steam generator to supply electricity and steam to their client’s host industrial facility. DTEES will design, build, own, operate and maintain (DBOOM) this facility. DTEES has many CHP projects currently in development and construction with limited engineering staff. This led to a request to Commonwealth to provide a Power Generation expert to augment their staff working on development of the CHP facility. Staff augmentation was preferred due to the need to have daily support in their office to enhance efficiency and communication.

Commonwealth is supporting DTEES by reviewing their design engineer’s submittals, developing a schedule of critical development activities, evaluating equipment vendor and contractor bids, and assisting with the procurement of DTEES furnished major equipment and construction services for the new CHP facility. DTEES’ use of Commonwealth to augment their staff provided a means to quickly obtain specialized and cost effective technical support without having to hire more engineering professionals internally. With support from Commonwealth, DTEES quickly obtained the necessary engineering expertise for their CHP project.

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Little displays more client confidence in a consultant’s abilities than to request that they become an extension of their staff.

Dwayne Walker
Senior Project Manager

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