High Energy Utility Pipe Inspections

High Energy Utility Pipe Inspections

Dearborn Industrial Generation (DIG)

Dearborn Industrial Generation (DIG) has chosen Commonwealth to perform studies of DIG’s piping system to ensure safety, proper maintenance, and possibly insurance requirements were being followed. Commonwealth will assess their high energy piping and provide any additional engineering support when needed.    The high energy piping at DIG consists of intermediate pressure steam, high pressure steam, intermediate pressure feedwater, and high-pressure feedwater.  Plant operations rely heavily on these utilities – as much as 3000psi and 1000oF.  Utilities that operate at this high energy level require regular inspections and documentations.  Each of these utilities move with thermal growth, wind loading, and upset conditions, all of which require documentation.

Commonwealth will visually inspect each utility with special attention paid to the supports.  Each support is then documented and compared to previous inspections.  Wherever the piping has moved or the support is damaged, Commonwealth will review and offer engineering support for the repairs.  In addition to visual inspections, Commonwealth will also gather information on the operation and maintenance of the systems and review for any upset conditions/repairs that may impact the piping systems ability to thermally expand and contract as designed.

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