Kamiah Substation Rebuild

Kamiah Substation Rebuild

Avista Corporation

Commonwealth designed the rebuild of the existing Kamiah Substation in Kamiah, Idaho for Avista. A complete redesign of a single, 20 MVA power transformer and three-feeder substation including a circuit switcher and control house was performed by Commonwealth. This project was necessary because the existing substation was suffering from multiple maintenance and reliability problems related to the equipment and wooden structures on the site.

Commonwealth performed the physical and electrical design, including providing drafting, while Avista provided civil engineering support. Commonwealth also coordinated noise studies and soil resistivity tests of the substation site. Commonwealth successfully helped redesign and rebuild the Kamiah Substation under budget and on time.

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The greenfield rebuild design of the Kamiah Substation was a great success that led to Avista requesting for Commonwealth to rebuild their Lee & Reynolds Substation as well.

Richard A. Damiano, P.E.
Section Manager, Substation Engineering

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