Mead-Phoenix 500 kV Transmission Line Structures

Mead-Phoenix 500 kV Transmission Line Structures

Salt River Project

The Mead-Phoenix project involved a single-circuit 500 kV ac transmission line approximately 260 miles in length. The system was initially designed to transport 1300 MW of power between the McCullough Substation, near Boulder City, Nevada, and the Westwing Substation, near Sun City, Arizona.

The line was also being designed for future conversion to ±500 kV dc to transport 2200 MW. Commonwealth Associates, Inc. designed a series of five 500 kV lattice steel self-supporting towers using the TOWER program. The work included review of design criteria, detailing, and testing of three structures. A Salt River Project engineer was assigned to Commonwealth’s office for three months for on-the-job training as part of Commonwealth’s design team.

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