Midwest Battery Energy Storage System

Midwest Battery Energy Storage System

BESS EPC & Midwest Investor-Owned Utility

A Midwest Investor-Owned Utility (IOU) was interested in implementing a 5 MWH battery energy storage system (BESS) to benefit their service territory. Commonwealth teamed with a BESS EPC to deliver the system in the desired area near the IOU’s existing distribution networks. Commonwealth was the engineering service provider (ESP) for this project. Commonwealth provided construction documents for the BESS for the EPC’s electrical contractor to install. The necessary project documentation including drawings, specification, and required studies to build the BESS was provided.

Commonwealth worked with the BESS EPC, the Midwest IOU and the equipment manufacturers to develop the BESS. Engineering for the BESS included: Foundation load calculations, equipment anchoring calculations, specifications on materials and procedures for civil and structural installation, details and information necessary for construction.  Commonwealth also specified network cables for the site, wiring diagrams, dimensions and referenced drawings of all buried utilities, and specifications for the cable and conduit drawings.

Commonwealth created an overall electrical one-line of ESS and PV and an electrical three-line of the BESS the Point of Interconnection for the project which included metering and relaying. Commonwealth determined the cable sizing, cable schedule, and conduit schedule for both the DC and AC cables required for the project. Commonwealth as the ESP, is assisting in the design and implementation of the 5 MWH BESS project.

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