Morgan Substation 69 kV Project Permitting and GIS Mapping

Morgan Substation 69 kV Project Permitting and GIS Mapping

Wabash Valley Power

Commonwealth conducted a wetland delineation survey and prepared road right-of-way use permit applications for construction of a 4.5-mile 69 kV transmission line in Porter County, Indiana. Extensive GIS maps were developed to support the permitting and right-of-way acquisition efforts.

Commonwealth performed a detailed routing study to identify the transmission line route with the least amount of impacts that would connect the new Morgan Substation with an existing transmission line south of Valparaiso, Indiana, in Porter County. Potential routes were identified by examining aerial photography and available Geographic Information System (GIS) data sets. A field inventory was then performed to identify additional constraints not visible on the aerial photography.

Of the two tap locations identified, only one was considered feasible from a transmission reliability standpoint. Criteria used for selecting the preferred route focused on maximizing overbuilds where feasible to minimize the need for acquiring new right-of-way. Housing counts were calculated to determine how many residences would be impacted along each potential route.

Current and future land use plans were studied to determine the potential impacts of future growth on the proposed line. One of the alternative routes was shorter in length, but future City of Valparaiso plans include annexing part of the area through which the route travels, with plans to widen roads, add bike paths, and create gateway entrances to the city. As the new line was to be an overbuild of existing distribution lines located one foot inside road right-of-way, this route was not selected as the preferred route because future land use plans show that portions of the new line would probably have to be relocated within two years.

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