Mount Pleasant Airport Avigation Easement Acquisition

Mount Pleasant Airport Avigation Easement Acquisition

Mount Pleasant, MI Airport

Mount Pleasant Airport required the acquisition of multiple Avigation Easements to maintain clear runway approaches to the Airport. Commonwealth provided acquisition services for the Mount Pleasant Airport which included the acquisition of five Avigation Easements. The five parcels were identified with obstructions in the Runway 9 approach that needed to be cleared to provide an adequate clearance of the FAR Part 77 Surface, the Threshold Siting Surface and the PAPI Obstruction Clearance Surface (OCS). These acquisition actions were a part of the on-going protection of the approach to Runaway 9 for the airport.

The parcels acquired ranged from two-acre parcels to a 19-acre parcel that was operating as a motor speedway. Commonwealth performed the appraisal, appraisal review, created title reports, provided negotiation services, and provided settlement and instrument recordings for the project. This project was funded through the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Airport Improvement Program (AIP) and Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT), with the balance of the project financed with local capital. There is now adequate clearance of the Mount Pleasant Airport runway.

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