Northeast Reliability Interconnect

Northeast Reliability Interconnect

Bangor Hydro-Electric Company

This project began as the 84-mile-long second 345 kV tie to New Brunswick stretching from Orrington Substation near Orrington, Maine, to an interconnection with New Brunswick Power at a point 4 miles north of Woodland, Maine, at the St. Croix River. When the project commenced, Commonwealth provided engineering support for the environmental permitting process; right-of-way acquisition; coordination of survey work; complete line design, including design of lattice steel angle structures using TOWER; design of the Orrington Substation; and complete project scheduling.

Commonwealth prepared material procurement specifications, developed a bidders list, solicited and evaluated bids, recommended award, and assisted in writing the purchasing contract for three major items. In addition, Commonwealth coordinated the project system studies among five utility companies and three consultants. State Land Use and DEP permits were issued for the project, and then the owner put the project on hold because electrical demand in the Northeast was less than originally expected. An unsuccessful attempt at extending the permits took place in the meantime.

When the project started up again, Commonwealth provided permit coordination, detailed design services, construction liaison, material management, and as-built documents. The line was successfully energized and the overall cost for the line was in excess of $75,000,000.


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