ODOT I-75 Tower Relocation

ODOT I-75 Tower Relocation

Duke Energy

Duke Energy has selected Commonwealth to perform engineering services for the rebuilding and relocation of two double circuit towers (138 kV and 69 kV) near the I-74 E exit toward I-75 N. The project is intended to eliminate any clearance problems during construction on the bridge deck.

Commonwealth’s services will include the replacement of two double circuit towers with four single circuit double dead-end 195’ engineered steel pole structures with concrete foundations. A section of line will be reconductored using ACSS and OPGW so Commonwealth will model the adjacent lattice tower dead-ends in PLS-TOWER to ensure they are adequate for the new loading.

Additional items to be produced by Commonwealth include a route map, structure list, custom steel pole package, and concrete foundation drawings. We will also provide GPS coordinates of the pole locations for staking, “For Record” modifications to Commonwealth-produced drawings and Pole-to-Pole material lists, and final construction documents. Commonwealth will also provide the necessary permit drawings and applications, which are the FAA notification filing, the route map with aerial photography for EPA Permit OHC000003 Notices and USCOE wetland permitting, and a road-crossing permit.

This project was awarded in May of 2018 and has an expected completion date of June 2019.

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