Otisville, MI Compressor Station Arc Flash and Engineering Services

Otisville, MI Compressor Station Arc Flash and Engineering Services


Commonwealth Associates, Inc. was contracted by TransCanada to perform electrical and civil/structural engineering services to replace an existing outdoor 480 volt circuit breaker. The circuit breaker was the main service entrance breaker to the compressor station. TransCanada needed to upgrade the existing breaker with a new one to meet arc flash requirements and to allow remote operation of the breaker. The project included the specification of two existing low-voltage circuit breakers in a distribution power panel, as the existing breakers did not have a high enough interrupting rating.

As part of the engineering services, Commonwealth performed an arc flash study for all power panels and MCCs as required by NEC 70E and IEEE 1584, which included printing out arc flash labels to be affixed to the panels and MCCs. Site removal and restoration, road modifications and guardrail were designed in conjunction with the electrical scope.

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