Solar Generator Collector Systems Design

Solar Generator Collector Systems Design

American Energy, Inc.

American Energy, Inc. needed a solar generator collector design to support a client in their Facilities Addition Study application. Commonwealth provided conceptual engineering drawings to support the Facilities Addition Study application. The conceptual engineering drawings included a transmission concept design and a substation concept design. The design incorporated two separate transmission circuits and two step up transformers for two separate solar generator collector systems.

Commonwealth collaborated with transmission, physical substation, and protection substation groups to clarify the details and project specifications. The project deliverables included transmission plan-profile drawings, transmission structure framing drawings, conductor line loss and ampacity calculations, and fault current calculations. More provided project deliverables were substation one line and three-line drawings, substation elevations and plan view drawings, switching diagrams, and a quality high voltage protection scheme. Commonwealth overcame challenges from two transmission lines being connected to two separate solar generator collector systems.

Commonwealth made recommendations on how the design can be improved to provide additional reliability for a small incremental cost. This solar generator collector design provided a robust and affordable solution for American Energy, Inc’s client.

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