Structure Replacement Foundation Design and Environmental Work

Structure Replacement Foundation Design and Environmental Work

Dayton Power & Light

Dayton Power & Light (DP&L) plans to relocate a double circuit 138 kV lattice tower to accommodate a customer driven project. Commonwealth is assisting this effort by designing the foundation for the new steel pole to replace the structure. This design requires a caisson foundation and a submittal of a Construction Notice to the Ohio Power Siting Board. Commonwealth will perform preliminary analysis by analyzing DP&L provided subsurface information and fabrication drawings. Also, Commonwealth will provide a final design containing foundation design and calculation using MFAD design program. A report will be delivered along with detailed drawings regarding the final foundation parameters.

Commonwealth will produce an Environmental Desktop Analysis Report for the submittal to the Ohio Power Siting Board as part of a Construction Notice Package. The environmental desktop analysis for the report involves a land use review, agricultural land review, review of the National Register of Historic Places, review of the National Heritage Database, review of National Wetland Information Maps, review of FEMA Flood Hazard Maps, and review of USGS Soil information. Also included in the analysis was a review of local, state, and Federal permitting requirements. Aerial photos, existing survey mapping, and Google Earth will be reviewed for the report as well.

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