Substation Engineering Design and Analysis

Substation Engineering Design and Analysis

Northeast Utility

A Northeastern Utility client needs to upgrade and replace components of a substation to meet the necessary load capacity. Commonwealth is providing engineering, design, and analysis services for the substation project which includes siting council support, protection and controls, relay settings, project management, civil/structural engineering, physical electrical engineering, and underground 3500 kcmil XLPE concrete encased cable engineering.

Regarding protection and controls and relay settings services, Commonwealth will provide One-Line and Three-Line diagrams, control schematic drawings, communication block diagram drawings, AC and DC Station service diagrams, control enclosure drawings, logic diagrams, wiring drawings, interconnection drawings, outage planning support, final and temporary settings, and any other necessary engineering diagrams and drawings. Plans, sections, and panel arrangements for the relays in the control enclosure will be provided by our staff including the relay list for the specific substation. Calculations that will be provided include battery sizing, AC service and backup generator capacity sizing,  and relay settings.

Commonwealth civil/structural professionals will perform structural steel calculations for the new and existing structures, foundation calculations, and rigid bus and insulator calculations. Performance drawings will be created to facilitate the calculations, detailing, and procurement of tapered tubular structures for the substation. Details of foundation plans, structures, and equipment mounting will also be provided for the client.

Commonwealth physical electrical professionals will provide a CSC drawing of the substation, general arrangement, plan and elevations, electrical details, procurement support including bid evaluations, and bus sizing for the project. A lighting plan and analysis as well as a grounding plan and analysis for the substation site will be done by Commonwealth. Layouts and design for the cables, ducts, trenches, and control building are included in project deliverables as well.

Our project management professionals are assuring that the services we provide are in accordance with the Master Services Agreement. Other project management services include providing progress reports, coordinating design review meetings, submitting the detailed Primavera schedule, construction support including testing specifications, and attending the client’s project design meetings. At project energization, all record drawings including equipment drawings will be provided to the client for their future use and reference.

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