Wind Farm Licensing Support for 345 kV Transmission

Wind Farm Licensing Support for 345 kV Transmission

SGC Engineering, LLC

SGC Engineering, LLC designed a 345 kV transmission line to connect the Turtle Creek Wind Farm to the transmission grid, located in Iowa. The 345 kV transmission line is single circuit design, approximately 16 miles in length and uses bundle 2×795 ACSR Drake conductor. The client needed an engineering assessment of the “electrical effects” of the proposed new 345 kV line to support licensing efforts. These “electric effects” calculations (EMF calculations) included electric field, magnetic field, audible noise, radio and TV interference, and corona losses. Commonwealth efficiently performed the EMF calculations due to our experience in modeling transmission lines, knowing what data needs to be obtained, researching the various state rules and regulations, and knowing how to mitigate “electrical effects” issues that arise.

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