Whether you are generating or delivering the power that enables human advancement, manufacturing cars or brewing beverages, researching cures, or developing future leaders, we want to collaborate with you to Make a Powerful Difference in the world.

The world is becoming more complex and changing more rapidly than ever before, and we are ready to solve your emerging challenges.

We are consultants, engineers, technicians, project managers, environmental experts, licensed UAV pilots, real estate brokers and business professionals. We are thinkers, planners, designers, innovators, and collaborators. Most importantly, we are dedicated employee-owners committed to your success and satisfaction.

We help utilities comply with the moving target of governmental regulations and keep our critical infrastructure safe and secure. We help manufacturers improve efficiency and turn waste heat into a valuable asset. We inspect towers to expand cell coverage safely and cost effectively to keep people connected. We help airports expand to meet the growing demand of a more mobile, global society. We provide innovative solutions to help power plants operate quietly to be good neighbors and have designed custom substation control houses and transmission towers that meet the local aesthetic. Ultimately, we deliver value for our clients and empower them and those they serve.

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We are committed, both as a firm, and as individuals to influencing and shaping the secure energy future.

Gary Bernstein, P.E.
Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer

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