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As industry leaders, we understand the distinct challenges governmental entities face in managing power resources efficiently and effectively.

Our broad expertise and in-depth understanding of the compliance standards of NERC (National Energy Reliability Corporation), FERC (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission), and other regulatory agencies help local municipalities, county boards, and other agencies plan and deliver power securely and reliably. 

We know the standards of neighboring utilities and the interconnection requirements of regional transmission organizations. We can design substations, collector stations, solar fields, BESS units, CHP plants, and transmission line structures. We’ll help you modernize protection and control features at existing facilities. We help cities, counties, and state organizations meet their governing board’s goals and clean energy targets. 

We offer technically advanced consulting and consider financial implications to ensure a successful study, analysis, project, or plan. Contact us today to learn how we can help drive sustainable and cost-effective energy solutions for your organization.

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