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Commonwealth delivers proven, world-class support in developing and implementing robust power generation projects for industrial, institutional, utility, and production facilities.

Whether you are looking to extend the life of existing assets, upgrade or retrofit a plant to comply with new regulations, retire or decommission assets, or build and operate something new—our multidisciplinary experts can assist with your power generation needs. Comprehensive services and expert insights empower you to make strategic decisions at every project stage.

Considering the conversion of a simple to a combined cycle? Exploring the feasibility of biomass? Need to replace a heat recovery boiler? Ready to convert from coal to natural gas? Have questions about combustion turbine selection? Seeking how to market power back to the grid? Our consulting engineers have the answers you need to succeed. Our portfolio involves RICE, CHP, CEP, high-energy piping, central utility plants, renewable energy integration, site layouts, steam systems, chilled water, coal conversion, and so much more.

With decades of combined experience across a wide range of thermal and electric generation scopes, we specialize in customer service and exceptional design. No matter the scale, from specialized studies to complete plant design and improvement projects, we ensure that every dollar spent brings you the best possible outcomes.

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“I value the fact that I can rely on my partnership with Commonwealth. They unequivocally have my best interests at heart.”

Director - Facilities Planning & Construction, Eastern Michigan University

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