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Our passion is designing, strengthening, securing, and modernizing our grid to deliver power efficiently, safely, and intelligently. Power Delivery has been in our DNA since the first evolution of Commonwealth in 1888.

We help customers deliver secure, affordable, and dependable access to energy—precisely when and where it’s needed. Our team of transmission and distribution planning consultants and advanced substation design experts deliver innovative solutions that prioritize safety, enhance reliability, and drive system efficiency. With extensive knowledge and experience in power delivery services, we specialize in creating project scopes, upgrading existing systems, and designing new power delivery infrastructure.

Commonwealth works closely with all stakeholders to give complete support throughout the entire power delivery process, from conceptual planning to project execution and commissioning. On the substation side, we perform upgrades, expansions, and new designs for all types of substations, collector stations, and switchyards. Our expertise covers 2.4 kV to 765 kV and encompasses civil, physical electrical, protection & controls, relay settings, and configuration of remote terminal units. As your transmission and distribution consultant, we cover new transmission line designs, rebuilds, right-of-way acquisitions, studies, routing, siting, and interconnections. Whether mountainous, urban, brownfield, greenfield, underground, or overhead, Commonwealth can deliver. 

With a proven track record, thousands of successful projects completed in the past 35 years, and 170 power delivery engineers and design technicians on staff, we specialize in sophisticated, high-quality designs to meet your power delivery needs.  

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“I have a high degree of confidence with Commonwealth that when I put together an estimate for a client, they think of things I still need to consider. With Commonwealth, we never have to tell a client we missed something.”

Vice President, American Energy, Inc.

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