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Customers frequently tell us that we deliver more than our competitors. We prioritize the consulting aspect of our business—serving as a partner to advise our customers in their energy project planning and execution.

Our consultants help owners, developers, utilities, municipalities, manufacturers, and institutions determine the best path forward across the full spectrum of the high-voltage power spectrum.

Whether a supplemental expert to a customer’s in-house team or an included component as an Engineer of Record contract, we provide studies for any number of areas: renewable integration, wide-area system protection coordination, NERC compliance, event analysis, relay settings, right-of-way, environmental screening, risk analysis, power system optimization, arc flash, load capacity, grounding, interconnection, power-flow, transient stability, lifecycle cost analysis… the list goes on. Our intimate knowledge of major utility standards and our wide array of software apps ensure that study results will integrate with customer systems.

  • Grid system integration studies
  • Environmental site screening
  • Schedule and budget risk analysis  
  • Feasibility studies
  • Electrical studies
  • Geotechnical assessment
  • Land survey
  • Preliminary site/array layout
  • Habitat and rare species surveys
  • Cultural resource evaluation
  • Visual impact assessment
  • Wetland and stream delineation
  • Biophysical assessments and surveys
  • Condition assessments
  • Performance assessments
  • Regulatory compliance (NERC)
  • Arc flash studies
  • Lifecycle cost analyses

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