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Commercial & Institutional

Commercial & Institutional

Our clients are shaping the future. These world-class health care organizations and medical institutions, public and private universities and research facilities innovate processes, educate future leaders, discover new cures – even disrupt entire markets – one bold idea and action at a time.

Whether you need to bring in more power or other key utilities, find uses for the excess your processes generate, optimize your ecosystems, or comply with new or seemingly ever-changing governmental regulations, our experts can help. Are you a data center with major energy usage concerned about access to adequate and reliable supply? We can review and explain your options and drive your selected solution to project completion. Perhaps you are a food or beverage, chemical, pharmaceutical, or other commercial operation generating steam in your processes and considering combined heat and power or the benefits of a microgrid. Our consulting engineers will listen, assess your unique situation and needs, and recommend the right fit solution.

We don’t stop there. We are your convenient one-stop shop, providing program or project management, designing your system, improving your operations, auditing your facility, and meeting any other power-related needs you may have. We strive to make your life simpler with one point of contact and responsibility.

You’re an expert at creating and delivering your products and services. Our experts design and deliver the unique power solutions that enable you to do what you do best – innovate and lead in your space. Together, we literally and figuratively empower human achievement.

Now that’s power.

This market utilized the following solutions(s):

Hoover Boiler Plant Commissioning Services

Commonwealth provided commissioning services for the Hoover Heating Plant. The Hoover Heating Plant includes four steam boilers, which supply steam to several buildings in the University of Michigan’s south campus…

Belleville Road Acquisition

Van Buren Township Downtown Development Authority Commonwealth was hired by the Van Buren Township Downtown Development Authority to purchase an additional 27-foot right of way along the statutory right of…

Central Power Plant Life Safety Study

Commonwealth was responsible for comprehensive field observations, analysis and report to establish options for plant upgrades for entire plant fire protection, suppression, life safety, egress, and hazardous material storage. Study…

This market utilized the following service(s):

Our clients are changing the world and Commonwealth helps them conceive and then design the solutions they rely on.

Christopher J. Miller, P.E., S.E.
Project Manager – Power Generation and Energy Services

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