Today’s customers want increasing amounts of data to travel farther faster, and to intelligently control more devices in more locations affordably, securely, flawlessly and reliably – all in real time. The critical infrastructure necessary for that to occur must be smarter, safer, and more secure than ever before. And don’t forget sustainability.

When you need an expert team to help you plan for success, look no further.

We work with our clients helping them to assess their options and creating the innovative solutions that meet their unique needs. Their customers rely on them…and they rely on Commonwealth.

Our experts in tower design, wires, fiber optics, wireless technology, SCADA, substation automation, distribution automation, physical and cyber security, environmental permitting, and land and right of way acquisition can take your communications project from start-to-finish seamlessly – on time and within budget. We utilize unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), also referred to as unmanned aircraft system (UAS) or “drone” technology to gather critical data safer and more cost-effectively.

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This market utilized the following solutions(s):

Switching Station Design

Commonwealth was selected to be the Contract Engineer and provide design services for a new switching station for a Northeast utility. Commonwealth provided an entire design for a 115 kV…

Downtown Milwaukee Reliability

Commonwealth supported UTEC Constructors, Inc., with engineering and permitting services for 8.5 miles of 138 kV underground transmission line that used a high-pressure, fluid-filled (HPFF), pipe-type cable system insulated with…

We are committed, both as a firm, and as individuals to influencing and shaping the secure energy future.

Gary Bernstein, P.E.
Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer

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