How We Lead

Our Vision
Unleash the power of the nation’s top talent™

Our Strategic Intent

Influence and shape the secure energy future through unique, sustainable, and mutually beneficial solutions with our valued partners.

Our Guiding Principles

  • Integrity

    Be honest. Earn trust. Deal fairly. Be accountable.
    Integrity means doing the right thing when no one is watching, whether you are managing yourself, a project, or the company. Having integrity means others can count on you to live up to your word.

  • Quality

    Deliver technical excellence, safety, and superior client service.
    Quality work is completed accurately and safely, on time and within budget.
    It is work you can be proud of that meets the expectations of both internal and external stakeholders.

  • Leadership

    Serve and develop others. Shape the industry. Give back to the community.
    From the Foote brothers’ earliest engineering innovations in 1888, Commonwealth professionals have inspired and improved the world around them. We continue that legacy by unleashing the leadership capacity in each professional to Make a Powerful Difference for our colleagues, clients, and communities.

  • Partnership

    Respect others. Meet stakeholder needs. Develop mutually beneficial and lasting relationships.
    We welcome the unique talents of others and build relationships on honesty, respect and results. That’s why we enjoy low turnover and high volumes of repeat business. Our focus stretches beyond today – to creating mutually beneficial, lasting partnerships with our stakeholders.

  • Stewardship

    Honor the past; choose actions to build a sustainable future.
    We honor our Founders’ contributions and vision and remain committed to being an employee-owned independent firm. We are committed to building a sustainable future. That requires considering the impact tomorrow of a choice made today.

  • Entrepreneurship

    Create innovative solutions. Take appropriate risk. Promote professional growth.
    Commonwealth is committed to being agile and upholding our legacy of innovation to address the complex challenges facing the industry and the business. We will boldly embrace endeavors that wisely balance risk and reward.

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Employee ownership, personal empowerment & a commitment to strong client relationships are woven throughout our Guiding Principles.

Richard Collins, P.E.
President & CEO

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