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Oakland University

Oakland University has multiple projects planned to upgrade its existing High-Temperature Hot Water (HTHW) distribution system.

Currently, any project that requires modification to the piping results in the entire campus losing HTHW, which must be limited to one week of outage. The Temporary Boiler project will provide the necessary connections and hot water boiler specifications to enable longer outages by supplying rental boilers for the duration of the projects. 

Commonwealth supported Oakland University on multiple past HTHW upgrade projects and understands the University’s needs. We have always been timely in our responsiveness to OU needs and provided detailed explanations on options and selections to support the facilities team in selling projects to the OU Board. 

Oakland University supplies pressurized hot water to its building, which is not a common application, and thus, there needed to be rental boilers to meet their exact needs. Commonwealth worked with vendors to evaluate steam boilers with heat exchangers and domestic hot water boilers that could be connected with pumps to meet the desired conditions. In addition, the wide range of building needs required boilers that had large operating ranges. 

The project was presented to CAI with a specific solution. Early in the design process, it became evident that the proposed solution was not the best for the client. Commonwealth worked directly with the client to determine alternate solutions to provide them with the best long-term solution.

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