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Manufacturing & Industrial

Manufacturing & Industrial

Are you looking for a more efficient source of power for your manufacturing plant? Are your energy costs too high and decreasing your profitability? Commonwealth engineering consultants can help you decrease your energy costs for your manufacturing plants, making you more profitable. We can audit your industrial plants to assess which sources of energy would help you optimize your energy usage and keep your energy costs within budget. Our experts can design new power plants on site for your manufacturing and industrial plants, whether that be a natural gas plant, Combined Heat and Power, or renewable and ultimately, we can help your company cut back on energy costs.

We can help assess your needs for any modifications, upgrades, and updates on your current energy systems. Any safety and security measures that need to be performed for your plant or installed we are here to help. We offer services to commission your plant and help your company stay in compliance with all local, state, and federal laws and regulations. We are here to help allow you to focus on your business processes and strategies, without stressing about energy usage and high energy costs. We can help your manufacturing and industrial plants be energy efficient.


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This market utilized the following solutions(s):

Belleville Road Acquisition

Commonwealth was hired by the Van Buren Township Downtown Development Authority to purchase an additional 27-foot right of way along the statutory right of way of Belleville Road to create…

Repower Golden 2020

Commonwealth is providing Owner’s Engineering services to assist MillerCoors in determining the most cost effective means of providing their future steam and electric needs. MillerCoors currently receives steam and electricity…

This market utilized the following service(s):

We are committed, both as a firm, and as individuals to influencing and shaping the secure energy future.

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Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer

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