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Our land and right-of-way professionals offer complete land assessment and acquisition services to support municipal, utility, and energy development companies in planning and project execution.

Land and property rights are crucial to the success of your project. We can recommend suitable sites or routes for linear projects, develop cost estimates, and identify challenges and benefits associated with each option. 

Our experience includes enhancing green spaces, creating safer pedestrian paths, expanding airport runways and safety areas, widening roads, and acquiring property for project facilities. We perform appraisals, market studies, acquisitions, relocations, property management, title research, encumbrance clearance, and document preparation. Our land agents foster professional relationships with property owners, prioritizing the technical, ethical, and moral standards needed to succeed. We help customers comply with local, state, and federal laws and regulations.

Certified as brokers and right-of-way professionals, Commonwealth professionals perform data gathering, map creation, and database management. We assist with title research, property mapping, appraisals, public meeting attendance, and obtaining rights of entry. As experienced negotiators, we help manage acquisitions, fees, easements, and lease transactions. Working closely with your engineering and design team, we help projects stay on time. 

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