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Commonwealth offers comprehensive services for solar PV design, covering the entire project lifecycle.

From siting and conceptual design to detailed engineering as the engineer of record, we provide expertise every step of the way. As owner's engineers, we guide owners from inception through design and construction to ensure a successful and complete solar PV project.

 Our projects vary in size, capacity, and format—from commercial rooftop systems to institutional carport systems to commercial fixed-tilt and large utility-scale single-axis tracking systems. Whether you need a 100 kW rooftop system or a 500 MW or larger utility-scale ground-mounted system, our team has you covered.

We help customers with every aspect of their solar projects: tie line services, collector substations, and electrical system studies tailored for solar PV. We conduct comprehensive environmental reviews and oversight, ensuring solar PV projects adhere to the highest environmental standards and meet all regulatory permitting requirements. 

Your Commonwealth consultants will provide expertise and detailed design for all related solar PV scopes, including BESS, small and large-scale microgrids, collector substations, funding sources, tie lines, grid interconnection, RTO applications, electrical system studies, and EV integration. For a one-stop solution to Solar PV projects, contact Commonwealth today. 

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