Commonwealth commissioning personnel are experts at helping make sure that your commissioning needs are met. Our experts will analyze your project to make sure it is safe, secure, and reliable to use. Commonwealth can work with you to go through all power plant, substation, industrial plant, or building components to help make sure that all components of each system and project are designed correctly, functioning efficiently, tested thoroughly, installed correctly, and consistently maintained for optimal use. Commissioning services can be done at many different stages of the project and can be performed on new projects and existing projects. Commonwealth experts can help you mitigate project risks by effectively commissioning the project and keeping the project on schedule, within budget, and compliant.

This service was applied to the following solution(s):

Covert Plant Switchyard Design and Commissioning

PGE - NEG Commonwealth was involved with the 1200 MW Covert Generating Station during its infancy in the conceptual design phase. Commonwealth assisted the owner, PG&E National Energy Group (NEG),…

Central Power Plant Life Safety Study

Commonwealth was responsible for comprehensive field observations, analysis and report to establish options for plant upgrades for entire plant fire protection, suppression, life safety, egress, and hazardous material storage. Study…

Hoover Boiler Plant Commissioning Services

Commonwealth provided commissioning services for the Hoover Heating Plant. The Hoover Heating Plant includes four steam boilers, which supply steam to several buildings in the University of Michigan’s south campus…

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