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February 20, 2020

Innovations in Immersive 3D Modelling

The latest 3D modelling software from Mojang has captured my attention and inspired a new world full of potential and design creativity. As consulting engineers…


February 17, 2020

Future of the Grid: BESS

A lot of people are talking about bulk electric solar and batteries these days, and yes, it is happening now. Utility scale solar is growing…


June 20, 2019

Keeping Cool with NERC PRC-026-1

Co-authors: Thomas Jones, PE; Koustubh Banerjee, PE Summer is here, air conditioners are on, and your electric system capacity is filling up quickly. Here’s how…


January 10, 2018

Microgrids in a Macro World

Have you ever noticed how most of the electronics we use daily stemmed from either novels or the silver screen? Growing up, I dreamed of…


September 26, 2017

Values for Making a Career Your Own

As I prepared to graduate from college with my freshly printed diploma declaring me to have a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering I was…

The future of power is our mission today.

- James Lakatos

September 21, 2017

Is CHP a Good Fit for You?

Combined Heat and Power (CHP) is the energy saving buzz word we are all talking about. CHP is a thermodynamic arrangement where heat from a…

The future of power is renewables.

- Snigdha Prakash

The future of power is women in power.

- Deb Baker

The future of power is distributed generation and combined heat and power.

- Dwayne Walker

The future of power is inverter-based generation.

- Steve Miller

The future of power is electrified transportation.

- Gerry Callison

The future of power is ever evolving.

- Judy Gillette

The future of power is being designed one innovative project at a time.

- Richard Damiano