Anclote Plant - System Protection Redesign and Rebuild

Anclote Plant - System Protection Redesign and Rebuild

Duke Energy Florida

Duke Energy Florida’s Anclote Generation Switchyard includes a large coal plant on site. The site has two units of generation. The substation required a redesign and rebuild including a new control house. This redesign and rebuild was needed for to maintain strong system reliability.

Commonwealth performed all the system protection and relay settings work for the substation including the generation plant lines. Commonwealth worked alongside the system planning and field construction group to provide all system protection services. This fast-paced project required that Commonwealth complete the relay settings for each phase of the project as they were released and that Commonwealth work concurrently with the protection and controls design group.

Services completed during this project included temporary settings being provided during construction phases. Commonwealth provided value to the project by proposing redesigning the configuration of how the generation is connected to the grid to meet breaker duty and critical clearing requirements. Commonwealth was involved in the non-standard relay settings development and specialized electrical calculations. This project was successfully completed and is now online improving Duke Energy Florida’s system reliability.

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